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[ watch out because im so vain.]

Age: 18.
Gender: Female
Full Name: Jasmine
Nicknames: Jizz, Tits, Jugs.
Date of birth: sept 14th.
Birthplace: st.catharines
Location: my brithplace
Marital Status: single but in like.

Food: Pizza
Movie: spun,12 monkeys,snatch,fight club,sid & nancy (just naming a few i like tons more)
Bands: prince,n.w.a,hole,nirvana,sex pistols,the ramones,goat horn,cheerleader, the matadors, sonic youth, iron maiden, iggy pop/the stooges, nick cave & the bad seeds
Celebrity and why: nancy spungen , courtney love, kim gordon , or anna nicole smith , there hot , there blonde , bitchy & they dont give a fuck.

-Are you-
Pretty? yes.
A Virgin? If not, when did you first have sex? i first had sex last summer, i just never got around to having sex theres many other things to do in bed then have sex.
Smart? i dont also do the smartest things but yeah im smart.
Witty? im so very fucking witty.
Perfect? hell yes.
Vain? fuck yeah.

-Do you-
Break the law? laws are there to be broken.
Smoke(weed/cigarettes)? i smoke pot & sometimes ciggs.
drink? like a fish.
Do other drugs? i do alot of other drugs.
Have casual sex? i love sex.
Have Future plans, if so, what are they? hopefully to get a band going.

-Rate yourself(1-10...ten highest)-
Sluttiness: 8 i like sex.
Vanity: 9
Beauty: 9
Humor: 10
Intelligence: 6
Annoying factor: 0
Sexy: 10
Likability: 7 (people think im a bitch but most people love that about me)

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im the blonde. the red head is my heavy metal wife. shes hot as well and if she had acsess to the computer she would join.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me and tara.
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me, scooter and brie.
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Hell yeah.

i knew it. haha