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Application. Even though I don't need one. Yippeee!

Gender: Female
Full Name: Saralyn elizabeth Santoyo
Nicknames: Sayray, Sara, Ray, Sandwich
Date of birth: 11-30-1989
Birthplace: Alexian Brothers Hospital, Elk Grove Village, IL
Location: Between Middleton, WI and Elgin, IL
Marital Status: Engaged

Food: Olives
Movie: Straight to Hell, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Bands: The Clash, MxPx, The Distillers, The Casualties(I lvoe Meggers, The Exploited, NoFx, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Social Distortion, etc.
Celebrity and why: Marilyn Monroe- She was absolutely fucking fantastic and still is. And Brody- She's true to herself and her fans

-Are you-
Pretty? yes
A Virgin? If not, when did you first have sex? no, may 8th 2004
Smart? yeah
Witty? You bet your ass
Perfect? I'm a fucking Goddess, of course
Vain? Yeah

-Do you-
Break the law? All the time
Smoke(weed/cigarettes)? The latter, I'm tired of the first
Drink? Yes
Do other drugs? Sometimes I take pills.
Have casual sex? Not really
Have Future plans, if so, what are they? Yes. I'm going to be famous somehow. All I know it I'm going to be famous.

-Rate yourself(1-10...ten highest)-
Sluttiness: 6, I won't lie
Vanity: 10
Beauty: 10
Humor: 10(most people don't understand my humor)
Intelligence: 10
Annoying factor: 2
Sexy: 10
Likability: 10(people just don't understand me)

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Were you recomended? If so, by who? I made this community I own this place.
Why do you think you belong? I'm fucking GOD
Any last convincing words? I'm fantastic.
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