Who You Want (sofar______gone) wrote in kissmevain,
Who You Want

I am Princess.

Age: Seventy.
Gender: I have a vagina.
Full Name: Kaleigh Carney
Nicknames: LaLa
Date of birth: July 26
Birthplace: Framingham.
Location: Outside your window on a laptop. AKA MASSACHUSETTS REPRESENT.
Marital Status: Sara gonna be my wife.

Food: I dunno. I don't eat much anymore. Bacon pizza and spicy fries.
Movie: SLC Punk!, Trainspotting, Elizabeth, Porn.
Bands: The Distillers, Good Charlotte, Rancid, Avril, The Used, Katy Rose.
Celebrity and why: Uhm. Brody Dalle because she's the shizit and beautiful and completely sure of herself. Also myself, because I'm a celebrity. People just don't know about it yet.

-Are you-
Pretty? Fuck yeah.
A Virgin? If not, when did you first have sex? I am indeedy.
Smart? Smarter than you.
Witty? I'm all up in Sara's info. WHUTTCHU THINK.
Perfect? Damn close.
Vain? Yep.

-Do you-
Break the law? Breaking the law is punk. So of course.
Smoke(weed/cigarettes)? Nah. My lungs are shite.
Drink? Mountain Dew? Yes I drink Mountain Dew.
Do other drugs? Perscriptions given to me. Sometimes in incorrect dosages but they're still mine. =D
Have casual sex? All the time.
Have Future plans, if so, what are they? Marry Sara. Be a rock star.

-Rate yourself(1-10...ten highest)-
Sluttiness: 15
Vanity: 82
Beauty: Gazillion.
Humor: 74
Intelligence: 96
Annoying factor: 18
Sexy: 84
Likability: 27

(Include a picture for us!)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My hair owns your life.

Were you recomended? If so, by who? ChaCha.
Why do you think you belong? Because I love ChaCha and I'm a vain mofo.
Any last convincing words? Uhm. Poser Pride. Duct tape is my friend. Don't do drugs or you'll give up Sara pants.
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