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< lj-cut text"Application"> -Basics-
Age: 15
Gender: female
Full Name: elizabeth
Nicknames: skuter
Date of birth: 06/22/1989
Birthplace: moms vagina, sherman hospital
Location: Elgin
Marital Status: Taken by blinky

Food: spaghetti and potatoes (not together)
Movie: Aladdin
Bands: anything off Psychopathic Records, Slipknot
Celebrity and why: Jaime Madrox cuz hes soo dead sexy

-Are you-
Pretty? ive been told
A Virgin? If not, when did you first have sex? no, a while ago
Smart? at times
Witty? if i knew what that meant
Perfect? no one is
Vain? yeh

-Do you-
Break the law? i have
Smoke(weed/cigarettes)? ciggs... i oppose weed
Drink? yes
Do other ...drugs? no
Have casual sex? as by casual... meaning not in a ...relationship?
Have Future plans, if so, what are they? yes, go to college and become an architect

-Rate yourself(1-10...ten highest)-
Sluttiness: 1
Vanity: 8
Beauty: 7
Humor: 9
Intelligence: 8
Annoying factor: 3
Sexy: 6
Likability: 10


Were you recomended? If so, by who? no
Why do you think you belong? cuz im awesome and u always need an awesome person
Any last convincing words? all u gotta do is talk to mwah

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